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CISS Cartridges 5 Major Advantages

Guangzhou Peng Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 02, 2017

[Easy]: powder filling operation is extremely simple and quick. Only open dome powder-filled in one step, without a split drum without cleaning, 1 minute to complete the work. Any cartridge users can add powder.

[Security]: the unique structure of the toner bottle, add powder without falling out of toner, not dirty Office environment, adding the powder will not cause health damage.

[Save]: extremely long service life. Even for the 12A/88A series are over 12000 pages, 6-10 times that of other similar cartridges. Longer procurement cycles, reducing the number of stock, can greatly reduce printing costs.

[Green]: on the one hand due to the use of recycled waste toner are automatically, there was virtually no waste toner, it eliminates waste