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Copier Toner Cartridge Life Extension Need To Pay Attention To What

Guangzhou Peng Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

Hear a lot of users complain that this copier toner cartridge just changed soon, not to use the toner factory to give the number of life, it prompted to replace, and thus the quality of the toner cartridge. However, a large part of the users do not know that the cause of this problem is a large part of the reason is because in the operation of the copier, the improper appearance of the toner cartridge life is short. To extend the life of the toner cartridge, need to pay attention to two aspects of the problem, one is the wear and tear on the components, the second is the impact of print media, where the analysis were:

The wear of the toner on the part

Toner is weary against the relevant parts, and the wear and tear in the imaged and non-imaged areas are different. Although the same print job is handled every day, we know that the use of the part is the most Unreasonable, especially in a number of copiers in an economic model, suitable for use in the school draft, the use of small amount of toner, so not only save toner, but also the parts of the wear and tear is relatively small, many users have ignored this usage of.

The impact of print media

The photosensitive drum and the print media are in direct contact, so that different print media have different degrees of wear on the drum, and wrinkled paper is not only prone to jam, but also produces very serious wear on the drum. Excellent paper such as business cards, film and so on the cartridge wear than ordinary copying machine much larger. Improper use or excessive use of such print media is likely to lead to premature end of the life of the direct cause of the toner cartridge, in fact, usually said toner cartridge life is in the normal use of the copier, A4 paper 5% coverage Rate.