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Factors That Affect The Productivity Of The Toner Cartridge

Guangzhou Peng Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

With ISO / IEC capacity test methods, customers can compare the production capacity of different manufacturers announced toner cartridge. The customer's printing method (printed document type, number of color pages, print job size, image density, single-sided printing, and duplex printing) have a significant effect on the actual page capacity of the toner cartridge. Therefore, the actual production capacity and published capacity may be very different, HP can not guarantee that customers can always get the published page capacity. Many customers will find that their print cartridge capacity than the published capacity to more, and some customers found that their printing method to reduce the capacity of the toner cartridge. For more information, see LaserJet page capacity.

HP's LaserJet printer system is designed to provide printers with superior value and print quality throughout their lifecycle. To achieve this goal, the LaserJet printer system consists of the printer itself and the HP LaserJet print cartridge. These print cartridges (sometimes referred to as "toner cartridge") do not just contain toner. These print cartridges are made up of multiple complex parts, and toner is only one of its components.

The detailed design of the print cartridge used by the HP LaserJet printer varies depending on the model of the printer to meet the different needs of the printer model for different customers. For example, the LaserJet black and white printer and the HP color laserJet printer are designed with different toner cartridge. Color printing is more complex than black and white printing, different types of HP color printer for color printing using the toner cartridge may also be very different. These different designs reflect the goal of providing HP with the best value and print experience and excellent print quality for all types of customers with different print needs.

In addition to toner, all LaserJet toner cartridge also contain a variety of mechanical parts. The components such as the developer, the photoresistor (PC) and the cleaning sheet are the same as those of the toner during printing. Although the design of these components is durable, but the different components of the toner cartridge may be due to differences in printing methods and the emergence of varying degrees of wear and tear. For example, in some laser printers, if the printed pages have a low coverage, the other components in the toner cartridge may have been worn before the toner runs out. In another case, if the print job is mostly on a narrower paper such as envelopes, the PC may be the first component to reach its end of life. As the print quality will drop when the toner runs out, the wear of these components will eventually lead to a drop in print quality.

In addition, the toner itself is a complex chemical composition, and only the printer system with other components used in order to provide excellent and consistent print quality. Because it is not possible to run out of all the toner in the LaserJet print cartridge when printing, and there are always some toner left in the box. However, the amount of toner that can be used and the amount of toner remaining will vary depending on the customer's printing method and the toner cartridge design. Because the toner is subjected to physical movement (agitation) during printing, the toner may be used for a certain degree of "loss" during printing. This loss may affect the toner to appear correctly and can cause printing defects. Other factors may also affect the productivity of the print cartridge.