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Laba Festival ,Chinese Year Begining

Guangzhou Peng Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 24, 2018

Today is January 24, 2018. It is also the Laba Festival and the Laba Festival, commonly known as Laba. It refers to the eighth day of the Lunar New Year (December). Laba Festival is used to sacrifice ancestors and gods, pray for good harvest and auspicious festival, as it is said that this day is the founder of the Buddha Sakyamuni Buddhism under the Buddha Yodobo Road and the founding date of the eighth lunar month, it was again Known as the "Buddha into Taoist Festival." In China, there are Laba Festival Laba, bubble Laba garlic conventions, Henan and other places, Laba porridge, also known as "everyone rice." Is to commemorate the national hero Yue Fei a festival custom.

   After the Laba is the year, Laba Festival, also known as the Laba Festival, Laba Festival, Wang Hou La or Buddha into the Taoist Day, the original celebration of the harvest harvest, thanks to the ancestors and gods rituals, in addition to ancestor worship God's activities, but also by Epidemic This activity comes from ancient 傩. One of the prehistoric medical methods is exorcism. As the witchcraft activities in the twelfth lunar month drums epidemic of customs, now in Hunan Xinhua and other areas still exist. Evolved into a religious festival commemorating the Buddha's initiation into Buddhism. Xia said La Japan as "Jiaping", Shang Dynasty as "Qing sacrifice", Zhou Dynasty "Great wax"; held in December, so that the month is the twelfth lunar month, saying that the day of the wax festival is La day. The pre-Qin wax day was the third Xu day after the winter solstice, and the northern and southern dynasties were fixed on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. In China, after this day, the Chinese will start preparing the Chinese New Year goods one after another. Of course, many Chinese have started to put down Spring Festival holidays from this day. So if you want to set copier supplies, please order as soon as possible to prevent the annual leave, our company can not immediately reply. Thank you for your cooperation!