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One Cartridge

Guangzhou Peng Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 02, 2017

Photoconductive drum (PC drum), a drum (the developer roller) and the toner cartridge into cartridge. This cartridge design structure, in principle does not allow users to add toner but with the updated technology, this type of cartridge toner can also be added. Integrated cartridge designed primarily to toner cartridge and drum installed on the same device, when the toner is used up or photoconductor drum is damaged whole toner cartridges will be scrapped. Models of this type of cartridge is mainly HP (HP) and Canon (Canon) models, this unique design increases the user's print cost and environmental pollution is very harmful, has brought huge profits to the producers. Separate toner cartridge toner and photoconductor drum, each on a different device, and drum are very long, can print up to 20,000 lives. Just replace consumed toner is on the line, so that the user's print cost is greatly reduced. This cartridge is mainly brothers (Brother), Matsushita (Panasonic), Epson (Epson). Mainly from the original to add powder to CISS cartridges.