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Toner Cartridges Note

Guangzhou Peng Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 02, 2017

1, to avoid high humidity, heat and cold environments and save. Toner cartridges do not cut the seal before using, otherwise the toner once wet lumps, affect or cause print light print results. If toner cartridges at high temperature or in cold storage too long before using it to restore the room temperature for a while before use.

2, try to avoid toner cartridges under prolonged exposure to bright light. Toner cartridges do not cut plastic bag when not in use, and especially don't open the toner drum retaining plate, if continuously exposed to bright light for more than ten minutes, the drum light will be scrapped.

3, when the cartridge is replaced, preferably with a vacuum cleaner cartridge is placed within the local, use a soft cloth to clean the paper path accumulated on scraps of paper and toner, exposed electrical contacts available piece of cotton swabs dipped in alcohol to maintain good electrical contact.