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Voice In The Heart Depths Of The Copier

Guangzhou Peng Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 19, 2017

Many people understand the copier as a square iron box,but a few of people know the iron box have many little secret.

Among the large and small parts in the copier, the drum cartridge is the core part of the copier.So as the heart of the copier,the quality of the drum cartridge sets directly determines how much money the user spends in the process of using it.

Nowadays,used these material like Cds;Se-As and opc and so on in the .market These materials have the following characteristics:first of all,good wear resistance;second,good temperature stability;thirdly,good photoconductivity;lastly,fatigue resistance.Just as DC 186 Drum Cartridge ,used opc material so that have good quality,and provide developer.Except FUJI XEROX,Ricoh 2501L PCU is good choice.

There are various drum cartridge in the market , quality is also good and bad.So more buyers need to polish their eyes.DC 186 Drum cartridge is the star product of the FUJI XEROX .FUJI XEROX  hold on the quality leading concept .used good quality opc material that access to global customer trust.Again, I have to mention Ricoh Co,.ltd,the 2501L PCU come from Japan,have a nice price .The two products is your new choice. Protect the heart of the copier and you deserve it.